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UK Removals to Cyclades islands Door-to-Door, Removal and Relocation back to the UK from any Island

In the Greek Islands, the Cyclades are composed of 39 islands of which only 24 are habitable.

The main islands are Santorini, Mykonas, Naxos, Paros, Ios, Milos, Koufonisia, Amorgos, Andros, Sifnos, Syros, Tinos and Folegandros. Relocation to any of these Islands, full Removal back from? to UK or some very personal possessions needing to be Delivered from the UK.

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Mykonos: Near Paros and Santorini, Mykonos is the most famous and popular island of the Greek Islands and attracts thousands of visitors every year. Mykonos island is famous for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, its exciting nightlife, its picturesque Cycladic capital full of whitewashed houses and blue domed churches and its magnificent sandy beaches.

Santorini: The Greek island of Santorini or Thera is located in the Cyclades islands. Santorini is with Mykonos, the most famous holiday destination. It is a small group of volcanic islands and its name was given by the Venetian in reference to Saint Irene. The island was also the site of one of the largest volcanic eruptions but what remains today is a submerged volcano and a caldera. The island of Santorini is related to the myth of Atlantis. In Perissa check out a brand new Bar at the end of the High Street near the Church.

Paros: Paros Island was known in antiquity for its fine marble. Located in the heart of the Cyclades, Paros  is a typical Cycladic island with traditional little villages full of whitewashed cubic houses with blue doors and windows.

Naxos: Naxos is the biggest and largest island of the Cyclades, in the Aegean Sea. It is located next to Paros. It is the nuptial isle of the god Dionysus and has the highest mountain of the group, Mount Zas, with an altitude of 1004 meters. Naxos is 103 nautical miles from the harbour Piraeus.
It is a typical Cycladic island with traditional little villages full of whitewashed cubic houses with          
Ios: As Mykonos or Paros, Ios is one of the busiest and must touristy island of the Cyclades. Ios has many beautiful beaches among which a lot are still calm and unexploited.

Milos: Milos is mostly known for the Venus of Milo (Aphrodite) and its rich natural resources. Milos has to offer more than 75 beaches of silver sand and limpid waters which can sometimes turn azure blue or emerald green. With Koufonisia to the east, Milos is just south of Sifnos.

Koufonisia: A part of the cluster of islands called the Small Cyclades, the islands of Koufonisia are nestled between the islands of Naxos and Amorgos. Koufonisia is known for the many caves that can be found everywhere on the island.

Amorgos: Amorgos is the island that was chosen by filmmaker Luc Besson for the scene of ďThe Big BlueĒ. The islandís trademark is the beautiful monastery of Hozoviotissa which is wedged into a huge precipice at 300m from the sea. Amorgos has two ports, Katapola in the south-west and the little port of Aegiali in the north-east, which you can reach by ferries from Piraeus or from other islands.

Andros: Andros is the greenest island of the Cyclades and is only an hour and a half away from the harbour of Piraeus. Just North of Tinos, Andros is the most northern of all the Cyclades islands. Andros is very popular with visitors from the mainland.

Sifnos: Sifnos, the island of Apollo, is part of the Western Cycladic group of islands. Located in the centre of a triangle formed by the islands of Serifos, Kimolos and Antiparos lies this small island of Sifnos.

Syros: Syros is located exactly in the middle of the Cyclades and used to be the cultural and trade centre of the Aegean in the 19th century. Ermoupolis, is Syros capital and was Greeceís principal port and is today the largest town of the Cyclades and the capital of the archipelago. Syros economy doesnít depend on tourism but on industries.

Tinos: Tinos island is surrounded by Andros, Syros and Mykonos, and can be found on the north side of the Aegean Sea. Tinos is famous, among religious, for its huge Church of Panagia (Virgin) which has a miraculous icon and is attracting thousands of pilgrims from all over the country on the 15th of August, feast day of the Virgin.

Folegandros: Folegandros is part of the south-western Cyclades, and is situated about 86 nautical miles from Piraeus. It has one of the largest natural harbours in the Mediterranean. It hasnít been impacted by mass tourism and Folegandros still holds to its traditions and character.


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